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I am a graduate research assistant at the Chair for Embedded Systems of the University of Tübingen. I received B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Tübingen in 2015 and 2018 respectively with a major focus on computer engineering and embedded systems. In 2016, I studied at the Uppsala Unversity as an Erasmus exchange student. In 2017, I received a scholarship for my master's thesis from the Stiftung Industrieforschung. Since 2018, I'm a lecturer of computer architecture for the Bosch Learning Company initiative at the technology transfer center Tübingen. In addition to my academic work, I am a trained mechatronics technician (certified by the German chamber of industry and commerce, IHK), worked as a self-employed software developer, and professional ski instructor. My research interests are performance characterisation, modelling, and prediction of embedded systems, heterogeneous multi-core architectures, and computer microarchitecture.


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  • K. Lübeck and O. Bringmann, "A Heterogeneous and Reconfigurable Embedded Architecture for Energy-Efficient Execution of Convolutional Neural Networks" in ARCS 2019: Architecture of Computing Systems, Copenhagen, 2019.
  • K. Lübeck, D. Morgenstern, T. Schweizer, D. Peterson, W. Rosenstiel, and O. Bringmann, "Neues Konzept zur Steigerung der Zuverlässigkeit einer ARM-basierten Prozessorarchitektur unter Verwendung eines CGRAs“ in MBMV 2016: 19. GI/ITG/GMM- Workshop "Methoden und Beschreibungsprachen zur Modellierung und Verifikation von Schaltungen und Systemen", Freiburg, 2016.


As a child and later on as teenager I hated sports more than everything else. I had an especially poor relationship with physical education classes in school. This hatred for PE most likely resulted from me being really bad at all kinds of sports (running, jumping, football, basketball, etc.) and therefore always being picked last for team games. So I mostly went to PE classes, however, did only the minimum to pass.
After I finished school and started my apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician I slowly started picking up running as weekend activity. My runs where pretty short (about 3km to 5km) and I did not make a habit out of it and it was more of an on-off relationship. After my apprenticeship ended I became a professional ski instructor in Austria for one season and as a ski instructor your main occupation is doing sports six days a week. When the spring came and my contract ended I actually missed being outside and doing things. So I started to run two to three times a week usually for 8km to 10km. I followed this routine in and on-off fashion until I started working on my master's theses. During this stressful time a 10km run three times a week did not fulfill my needs for relaxation and I started to train for my first half-marathon and additionally started to use my bike to get to the university. While looking for training advice online I stumbled upon three amazing YouTube channels which lured me into trail running: TheGingerRunner (Ethan Newberry), Run Steep Get Hight (Jamil Coury), and Billy Jang. Ever since I'm training for my first ultra trail.

Completed Races

23. Tübinger Erbe-Lauf, 10km road run, 18th September 2016
24. Tübinger Erbe-Lauf, 10km road run, 17th September 2017
Barbarossa Berglauf 2018, 2x10.5km trail relay run, 6th May 2018
25. Tübinger Erbe-Lauf, 10km road run, 16th September 2018
25. Hirschauer Spitzberglauf, 13km trail run, 30th September 2018
28. Sparkassen Alb Marathon, 25km trail run, 27th October 2018
43. itdesign-Nikolauslauf 2018, 21km trail run, 2nd December 2018

Upcoming Races

Mozart Ultra, 78km trail run, 20th June 2020 (delayed due to COVID-19)
4. Südthüringentrail, 64km trail run, 12th September 2020


Watch: Garmin fēnix 5 Saphir

Hydration West: Salomon ADV Skin 5

Soft Flasks: Salomon 250ml

Fascia Roll: BLACKROLL



I was fortunate to be born into a computer enthusiastic family. As long as I can remember we had a computer in the house (early 1990s) and my parents used to play games on it. In 2002ish we got "high-speed" internet and I got my own PC (AMD Athlon XP 2800+, 512MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 440, 80GB HDD) and played Counter-Strike 1.6, Battlefield 1942, and Command & Conquer - Red Alert 2/Tiberian Sun on it. I saved all my money from holiday jobs for PC upgrades. I joined my first clan (Slaughterhouse Cooperation, slCp) for Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 2. Unfortunately, the group dissolved when people finished school and started work or entered university. At this time I also stopped playing games for almost a decade. In those 10 years a lot of stuff happend: finished my apprenticeship, going to university, finishing university, starting my first job, and getting married.
When my wife went to Spain for half a year for a research project one of my coworkers told me to try Apex Legends and I was instantly sucked into it. I played it for 12 hours straight on the weekends. I found a lot of fun people on Discord some of them I became real life friends.
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